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Avast Ye, maties!
Stand to and lend an ear!

I started tattooing at the age of 24 and have

had the opportunity to work in many different shops.

My first break was a shop in Darby, PA,

"Empire", where I worked for about 1 year.
While working there, I was given the chance to work in a shop

with a lot more traffic in South Philadelphia - "Forbiddin Art."
I was able acquire quite a bit of experience at this shop,

not only in the tattooing field, but the management field as well.
After a year, I was given the position of manager,

which helped prepare me to run my own shop.

From there I moved onto "The Black Swan", in Northeast Philadelphia

then through a mutual friend, I met a guy by the name of Terry Manning.
He offered me a position in his shop, "Wild Card Studios",

where I learned the talent of cover-ups.

Thank you, Terry!!!

I then moved down to Wildwood, NJ and worked for several

summers at, "Island Joe's Tattoo", and then "Oxygen".
This shop did so well, we were able to take over the 24th Street Tattoo shop.


After 3 fascinating summers in Wildwood, it was time for

me to hang my own sign…Chico's Crows Nest Tattoo.
I would like to thank all of my customers throughout

the years, for giving me the chance to "color them in".

And, a very special thank you to my parents, for their

help and support in making this dream come true.

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